Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy (Very Exciting) New Year!

I've decided since I'm farther away from friends and family that I need to keep in touch through good ol' bloggin...

Let me tell you about the holidays!

For starters I graduated college!!! Cue fireworks. I'm not quite sure how since I managed to miss my very last final... since I got the date wrong. I'm thankful for my sympathetic teacher for letting me move on from another year of school. Best perk of BYU this semester was rooming with my sister Shelvis.

Afterwards we drove the long trek back to Burns, Oregon where the average temperature seemed to be -11. I drove through some rough snow storms just so Shelbs and I could play some ball in town and we all just enjoyed being in the comfort of our own home for the short amount of time we get to each year.

For Christmas we drove to McCall, Idaho and spent more quality time with 5 hilarious girls and one patient father and didn't miss our annual Christmas gas station dinner (going on 2 years now)... :) One of the best things about growing up is realizing how cool your younger sisters are. Us Sanders girls got to go ice skating and go to this really nice hot springs place with a bunch of different levels. I kept my hand out of the water the whole time so that my engagement ring didn't get lost in the pool because of my ring losing history. Mainly I just looked like an idiot ;) My dad kicked my butt in racquetball and the highlight of the trip was a tie between Amanda rollerblading in the snow and Hailey boxing with a dummy.

Glen drove with me back to St. George for his family's Christmas vacation. I learned that I absolutely love St. George and wouldn't mind living there at some point. We went to the dunes and Glen only made me pee my pants once (jk, but almost) while jumping off a mini cliff dune. It was so pretty with the purple plateaued mountains and the bright orange sand. 

I love Glen's family! They are all so entertaining and wonderful! They even played hours and hours of card games which is totally in my comfort zone! ;) 

I'm so excited for this new year!!! Here's to 2016!

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